EPIC Carts for Epic Family Experiences

What is EPIC?

EPIC is a state of mind. EPIC is constantly striving to make today more epic than yesterday! We push this narrative in everything we do with our team, our supply chain, our clients and our community. Is the product better today than it was yesterday? Is our customer experience better today than it was yesterday? Are our partners and clients excited to be a part of our story? Have we earned our clients trust? Are you going to have fun this weekend because you have an EPIC cart?

Our EPIC Cart Categories


Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
Street Legal
Unique VIN
License Plate Holder


Low Speed Vehicle
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
DOT 3 Windshield
3 PT Seat Belts


Work Carts and Golf Carts
Functional Dump Bed
400KGS Capacity
Increased Torque

Our EPIC Cart Standard Features

Bluetooth Audio
LED Tail Lights
LED Brake Lights
LED Side Mirrors
Halogen Head Lights
Flip Windshield

Turn Indicators
Slow Vehicle Reflector
Digital Speedo & Horn
Voltage Meter
88″ Extended Top

Coil Over Adjustable Suspension
5KW (6.8hp) AC Motor
Seatbelts on Each Seat
30A Reducer
Curtis AC Controller
Luxury Seats

Unique Ignition Key
12V Power Port
Rear Flip Seat
Prewired Switches x 3
In Dash Controls
DeltaQ OnBoard Charger

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Our EPIC Cart Models

Base Model

S Model

SS Model

Our EPIC Cart Customers

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