Supporting Anton Bucher – You’re my Favorites Raffle

“You’re My Favorites” Charity Raffle

Raffle ticket to help fund ANTON BUCHER’S Leukemia treatment.

Enter into a drawing at “You’re my Favorites” Charity Event – April 30th



Stacy Long-De La Cruz writes – In 2006, when my son was in middle school at Pioneer Heritage in Frisco, a teacher by the name of Anton Bucher changed his life.

My son was a shy, brilliant young man who felt like an outsider

Anton saw the potential in my son and reached inside my sons soul and helped him find his passion, his gift as a performer & his voice

Anton became my friend that day. He was THAT teacher. Come to find out, he impacted many children’s lives over the years.

Many many many kids were impacted by this man and his gift

He and his wife Christie are deeply faithful and loving people who included their students in the journey of adopting their baby boy from Africa and then again with the adoption of their baby girl from China.

What people don’t know is he also was MY friend when I went through a difficult divorce and the years preceding it.

I was forever in his debt.

His “middle school” productions were absolutely amazing. You would not believe these were kids 12-14 year old kids.  He lovesssssss his job.

He always had a dream of teaching at the high school level. That dream came true last Summer when he got the job as Theatre Director of Lone Star High School also in Frisco

Last Fall, LSHS Riot Theatre produced an UNBELIEVABLE version of Romeo & Juliet.  During the production he started experiencing health issues and he finally sought medical treatment. January, yes, this past January, he was given the diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia…and it is very aggressive.

He called me. He turned to ME. He said, “Stace. I need your help. I need you to make sure my family is taken care of. Can you set up a GoFundMe account?”

So I did. Since then, I’ve done everything in my power to help my friend. I made him a promise and I keep my promises.

Which brings us to my 50th birthday. I have a friend, Lee Warren, who has always used is birthday as a reason to raise funds for his favorite charity. So…

For my 50th Birthday we are having a fundraiser for Anton Bucher!

Raffle ticket to help fund ANTON BUCHER’S Leukemia treatment.

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