Our Epic Story

What is EPIC?

EPIC is a state of mind. EPIC is constantly striving to make today more epic than yesterday! We push this narrative in everything we do with our team, our supply chain, our clients and our community. Is the product better today than it was yesterday? Is our customer experience better today than it was yesterday? Are our partners and clients excited to be a part of our story? Have we earned our clients trust? Are you going to have fun this weekend because you have an EPIC cart?

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Who is EPIC?

On paper we are a privately owned family business and are proud of that narrative. We are building a brand that allows our clients, professionals and our employess to participate in our growth and progress both emotionally and financially. Supply Chain Management, Graphic Design, Photography, Aerospace, Millitary, Professioal Athletes and First Responders are all con­tributing to the identity of our business. We are repeatedly excited when our clients and dealers offer to enhance our story by improving one of our pro­cesses based on their work/life experience.

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What makes us EPIC?

We design with intent and purpose. From day one we have taken our clients input and put that back into the product as quickly as the design cycle will allow. We want to ensure the client has all of the functionality they need and respect the time and labor the dealer must put forward to support the prod­uct. There is no manufactured good on this earth that is perfect, but the best companies strive to make the proper response and corrections that builds a long-term relationship.
Amazing people will always be the ultimate differentiator for any retail brand and we are constantly molding, shaping and pushing our team to find the most epic version of themselves personally and professionally.

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EPIC in the Community!

There is nothing more EPIC than giving and supporting your local commu­nity!! The Challenge with any high growth business is how do you constantly give? We strive as often as we can to contribute to the local community and by the grace of God we have been able to generate over $400,000 in proceeds for a number of Texas charities over the last five years.

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