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These aren’t your grandpa’s golf carts!

When I first met with Blair, Partner at Epic Carts, I was more than a little surprised to find out just how far golf cart customization can go.

But why get a golf cart?  Especially if you don’t live on a course?

To learn why Frisconians were buying them, and what they were doing to them, we had to go out and meet a few of Blair’s Frisco customers.

We met with Matt and John who had similar carts and were happy to tell us their stories for buying carts.

8 Reasons To Buy An Epic Cart

  1. It’s just plain fun, and the kids love riding in them.
  2. A cart is a convenient way to get around the neighborhood when visiting with neighbors.
  3. They’re great for occasions like extended Trick-or-Treating, especially when the youngest ones get tired but the older ones are still going strong.
  4. Carts are great for running small errands, like going to the grocery store if you don’t need too much room (We’ll get to the legalities of driving on the street in a second).
  5. All electric. Just plug it in to keep it charged.
  6. Way easier to park!
  7. They’re great for running the kids to nearby places like neighborhood parks, the pool, elementary schools, friend’s house a few blocks over, etc.
  8. You’re supporting a local business when you do.

And, did we mention that they’re just plain fun!

Plaid pants are optional, but if you have pictures of yourself in plaid pants in your Epic Cart, send them to us!  We promise not to share them on our Facebook page.


epic carts frisco - 006When it comes to your golf cart, you can do just about anything to them you want… from custom paint and interiors, to custom wheels, lift kits, numerous lighting options, built-in coolers, and more.

Batteries can also be upgraded to provide various levels of power and speed.  Standard carts will top out around 15 mph, and though they can go faster, it’s not generally recommended.

Some of the build-outs we saw included sound systems and carbon fiber dashboards.

Various types of lighting were popular, too and you can get as creative as you would like.   Check out the Epic Hunter (camo-cart anyone?), or a paint job for the sports-nut in  your life.

Price Range

The cost of one of Epic’s carts will start at about $5000, and carts in the $5000 – $10,000 range were the norm.  They can get much more expensive though, depending on what you do to it.

While I would normally consider this a luxury buy, and in most cases it is, and argument can also be made for practicality if you’re a single car family and having something extra for very local use would be handy but with less hassle than another car.

As a gift for the family, this makes a good one.  It’s something we know dad wants, but everyone will use.

Where Do I Get One?

Your best bet for now is to get in touch with Blair through the Epic Carts Facebook Page.  Blair assured me they have a website in the works that will allow you to order and customize you cart just as you would a car.

Epic Cart FAQ’s:

epic carts frisco - 011Are they street legal? Yes, but there are a few requirements: 

  1. You must keep a slow-moving vehicle sign on the back.
  2. No driving them on sidewalks.
  3. You can only drive on streets with a speed limit of 35mph or less. However, you can cross higher speed streets (traffic laws still apply) to move from one 35mph or less street to another.
  4. Everyone in the cart is required to be seated on their own.  No infants in laps.
  5. The cart must have running lights.

Notably, there are more and more carts popping up around town, and our understanding is the City of Frisco is looking into ways to make our city as “cart-friendly” as possible.  If you have questions about their legality, we would urge you to reach out to the Frisco Police Department.  We’ve heard some confusion over what’s ok and what isn’t.  Before you head out in your new cart, check the laws for yourself.

Can I get seat belts on my cart? 

Yes.  While seat belts are not standard issue equipment, they are optional.

How long does it take to get my cart? 

Typically about 10 days from order, but depends on the options you choose.

How long do the batteries last?

From what we heard, you can get around for a few hours of continual use which is probably longer than most of us will stay on a cart anyway.  But if you need more juice, upgrade the batteries.

Does Epic Carts only make custom golf carts? 

No.  They also make gas-powered UTV’s.  Check out the Massimo MSU 600… It looks like a mini-Hummer!

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