EPIC Cares

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EPIC Cares

EPIC Carts is a Christian owned company and therefore, we have believe that we have a social responsibility to help apply our gift of building one of a kind custom carts to help raise money for worthy causes. We have a very successful program called EPIC Cares that works with Non-Profits to raise money for charities and schools. Under this program, Non-profits can get a tremendous discount on our one of a kind carts, and auction the vehicle at their fundraiser events. We also offer a program that focuses on raffles. We have raised over $100k in the last year working with various charities. If you have a charitable fundraising event and would like to work with EPIC, please contact Kimmy Winter at kimmy@epiccarts.com… Live Wide Open has lots of meanings. Living to Help is one of them. God Bless!

– Blair Bardwell, CEO EPIC Carts


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