Why choose EPIC?

Hello EPIC followers!  Today’s blog post is an EPIC Elevator Pitch! Lots of customers ask why they should do business with us. Well…let me brag for a moment. I could probably sit here and write a novel about how awesome this company is and how fun our gas and electric powered carts are. In the interest of time, though, here are the Top 10 reasons why someone should choose EPIC.

  • First, it’s our people. All of our employees are service focused. We do what’s right for the customer first and make sure it’s right the first time! Our management team is filled with corporate professionals who left their desk jobs to build something EPIC!
  • We give back. EPIC Cares is our way of helping charities and private schools raise money. It’s the right thing to do and we’re excited to have the ability to support worthy causes.
  • Safety is our first concern when it comes to our products. Some safety features you can expect on an EPIC cart include seat belts all the way around and OEM designed lift kits with A-arm suspension to help prevent rollovers.
  • Design Centers. Buying a custom cart isn’t about visiting a dirty shop with old parts lying around. Our design centers are clean, interactive, and a fun experience. There are no pressures in this process.
  • Individualization. Customization + Personalization = Individualization. It’s your cart, built your way! If you can dream it, we can build it!
  • Brand New. Our premier product is a new cart. We will also refurbish an old golf cart, but it’s a true stripped down to the frame and built back up process. We do not skip corners. There is no lipstick on the pig at this company! (No offense, Miss Piggy!)
  • Maintenance Free. GEL Batteries in all new carts are sealed, have no detectable smell, and don’t require the owner to constantly check the water level in their power source. Less time spent on golf cart maintenance means more time for fun!
  • We’re constantly developing new cart accessories that are bolt- on easy! Keep checking back with us to add more fun options to your carts!
  • Speed. 25mph is guaranteed. EPIC Carts have twice the horsepower of the competition and are the best customized golf carts in the industry.
  • LIVE WIDE OPEN. Every EPIC Cart helps our customer family live a wide open lifestyle. They’re hassle free and fun for the whole family!

Stop in for a test drive and see for yourself why our customized golf carts are EPIC.