Month: October 2016

Why choose EPIC?

Hello EPIC followers!  Today’s blog post is an EPIC Elevator Pitch! Lots of customers ask why they should do business with us. Well…let me brag for a moment. I could probably sit here and write a novel about how awesome this company is and how fun our gas and electric powered carts are. In the…
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To buy GAS or Electric?

The days of gas powered golf carts being required for lake homes or hilly terrain are gone. Electric carts actually have more power and torque than a gas powered LSV now. They’ve got no problem tackling muddy roads, trails, and forests with just as much enthusiasm as you have. There are many reasons that we…
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Refurb or New? That is the Question!

I started out in the custom cart business about 5 years ago, focusing on refurbishing used golf carts and reselling them. Nice and shiny carts, good as new, right? Well, maybe not so much. Not all refurbished cart dealers are the same. It’s in your best interest to do your research, visit the cart shop, and look at custom…
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Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding and Respite

Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding and Respite EPIC Cares of EPIC Carts is thrilled to partner with Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding and Respite in the 3rd annual Horses and Hope event on October 15. Blue sky was founded in 2010 by a group of people devoted to developing a comprehensive program to help those living with disabilities. This includes…
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